Fishing Regulations & General Ethics

Swellpro promotes catch and release, we believe limiting our catch, and not catching our limits. Drone fishing has increased success significantly and we should act responsibly and sustainably. Please study the general ethical guidelines whilst brushing up your knowledge on species that bring value to our Eco systems. Make sure you understand the laws, please familiarize yourself with the bag and size limits below.

Besides for many other reef fish, Poenskop and kob are under major pressure and the drone fishing facet has opened new opportunities to target these fish, it is therefore our responsibility to make sure we brush up our knowledge on these species, please find the reading material below and take time to understand the pressures these fish are under as well as their value to the eco system. Let’s practice catch and release where we can.

The Dusky Kob

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Kob numbers have decreased significantly over the last few years and it is said that less than 5% of the original stock levels still exists. Kob can take 5 to 7 years before reaching sexual maturity and should be respected and breeding stock should be released where possible.

See article by Dr JD filmater

Similarly with the Poenskop, they are residential reef fish that have sustained serious fishing pressures. Educate yourself below with some interesting reading material about these incredible fish.


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