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Q1: Are there any operational tips during flying the splash drone?
1) It’s best to execute calibrations (Accelerometer & Compass) outdoor without propellers. Please be sure to stay away from the power supply, magnetic metal objects and emission resource during calibration. DO remember to remove the propellers when calibrate Splash Drone indoor.

2) Once accidents happen out of sudden, such as the drone fall down to the ground or hang on trees, roof and collision to other obstacles, pilot should lock the motors immediately to prevent further damages.

3) If the drone is out of control or radio signal is irresponsible (Delayed signal command or magnetic-field interference) under GPS mode, please switch to the ATTI mode to bring it back manually.

4) Highlights in Video shooting: Always pay attention to the FPV screen and adjust the gimbal angel in real time to avoid capturing the landing gear and arm, 1080P/60 fps will make the video more fluent to avoid the jelly effect.

Q2: What should be done when the splash drone can’t be armed?
1.Fail to unlock the motors always consists in the following reasons:
1). The radio controller can’t bind properly with the R9D receiver.
2). The setting in the radio controller might be changed deliberately;
3). Aircraft calibration failed;

2. Please follow the checklist once fail to start up motors.
1). Check if the radio controller has been bound with the receiver. Put the aircraft on the horizontal place and power on the drone, the aircraft will finish self-checking automatically after a long beep sound. Then please check whether there is the ‘Signal umbrella’ showed on the top center of the screen. If there is signal umbrella and strength display, that indicates the binding procedure between radio and receiver is successful.
2). Check if the setting of radio controller has been changed. Turn on the radio controller and check the main interface, check whether the scale of the sub-trim fine tuning is at normal ‘0’ position. And switch the SWB & SWC back and forth to check whether the flight modes are exactly corresponding to every single flip.
3). Check the indicator inside of the receiver. Usually, The indicator is solid red and solid green during flight operations.

3. If any abnormalities occur, Please follow the guides to implement well-directed operations.
1). Reset Radio controller: Turn on the radio controller, adjust the 4 sub-trim switches around the joysticks to change the value of fine-tuning to the ‘0’ position.
2). Restore the radio controller to ex-factory settings if necessary, here are the steps:
a) Long press “Mode” button for 1 second to enter into the [BASIC MENU], slide the right roller switch to select the “MODEL TYPE”, short press “Push” button to access the main interface of [MODEL TYPE];
b) Slide the roller to select “RESET: Execute”, long press “Push” button for 1 second, the system pops up an notice “Are you sure?”, then short press “Push” button to confirm, it will automatically change into remind “Please wait…”
c) The radio controller finishes the factory setting after the continuous “beep” sound and ends up with a long “beep” sound.
3). Please refer to below video link to check out the binding procedure between Splash Drone radio controller and its receiver.

4). Disconnect the battery and switch off the radio controller, try to unlock the drone while other switches are in their defaulted position.

Notice: Normally, if the Splash drone is calibrated successfully, it’s available to unlock under ATTI mode no matter indoor or outdoor. Good GPS signal is a must when unlocking the drone outdoors under the GPS mode, the value of satellites should reach at least 9.

Q3: Where can I get the manual?
A: The user manual is available for downloading at, AUTO and
Fisherman version shares the same manual.

Q4: What’s the effective range of the radio controller?
A: Practical test indicates the max controllable range is up to 1.0KM; the actual distance might be different depending on flight environment.

Q5: Is there any way to fly back when the drone is out of visible area?
A: Yes, if the drone have good GPS signal, just flip SWB to Return-Home position. Once the drone returns back to visible sight, switch to GPS or ATTI mode to take over flight.

Q6: Is it a truly full waterproof drone with the naked motors?
A: Yes, the whole drone is waterproof design. All the motors are watertight treated. It is no problem to fly in rain, snow, and water environments.

Q7: If sand goes into the motors, what should I do?
A: Stop flying the drone; try to turn the motor slowly to see if it turns smoothly as usual. Put the motor under water and try to shake the sand off from the motors. You can also use brush to clean the sand.

Q8: Why the drone can’t fly up to 15minutes?
A: With our brand new 5200mAh battery, the drone can fly up to 20mins with empty loading. 15mins with full set including the camera and gimbal until it start descending automatically. The flight time will decrease when the battery is frequently used or damaged.

Q9: Is it available to change radio controller to be right throttle?
A: Yes, please implement the settings according to below steps:
1. Switch on radio controller, long press “Mode” button for 2~3seconds to enter into
[BASIC MENU] interface.
2. Choose the “PARAMETER” item by short press the center location of right switch “Push”, then enter into [PARAMETER] interface.
3. Choose the “STK-MODE” item by sliding the roller switch;
4. Short press the “Push” button to revise the mode from by rotating the roller switch.
5. Confirm the mode “1” by Short press the ” Push” button again, then press “End” to finish the setting.

Q10: Can I use the WIFI on my camera when the drone is flying?
A: No, you can’t. Because WIFI works basing on 2.4GHz signal as well, it might interfere the radio signal in the same frequency that might make the drone out of control.

Q11: Why does the drone start drifting during normal flight?
A: The accelerometer may suffer a sudden/heavy shake; Please execute the Accelerometer Calibration to correct it.

Q12: Why is the drone out of control suddenly during normal flight?
A: Probably, the compass suffers magnetic interference suddenly. Pls switch to ATTI mode to take over the flight and bring it back in your vision. Then please execute the  compass calibration, and take off once again.

Q13: How long is the charging time for battery?
A: Around 1 hour.

Q14: What’s the root cause of poor satellite under GPS mode?
1. Please make sure there is no shelter from buildings & metal objects, advise to fly in open air;
2. Please check whether there is anything sheltering on the top of GPS antenna.

Q15: Does the alarm “DI DI DI” sounds along with vibration from radio controller indicate functional abnormality?
A: No, this is the low-battery warning from radio controller, just charge or replace a new battery.

Q16: How to adjust the Waterproof Gimbal when it’s not in horizontal location?
A: Need to calibrate the Gimbal, detailed procedure please refer to <operational
Instruction of Waterproof Gimbal>.

Q17: Why does the drone can’t enter into Accelerometer / Compass calibration sometimes?
A: The motion of joysticks is not linear with the program in the radio controller; please try to calibrate the radio controller by referring to 4.3.2 in the manual.

Q18: How to bind the radio controller to its receiver (R9D) module?
A: 1. Switch on the remote controller; check if there is a signal-umbrella that indicates the signal strength in the top middle of the screen;
2. Power on the drone and take out the R9D receiver module. There are a blue light and a red light blinking. Red light is the power indicator; blue light means the receiver is working under S-BUS mode, the splash drone works under SBUS mode.
3. Use a sharp PIN, long-press the button beside the indicator. When the blue light start flashing, the binding process begins. When the flash stops, binding is successful.
4. Once the signal-umbrella shows up again, the binding procedure is finished.

Q19: Why my FPV video signal can’t reach even 1000meter?
A: The VTX is build inside the drone for waterproof reason; the real test range in ideal wireless environment can reach up to 1KM. But it might decrease depending on different environment, and different FPV screen (or FPV goggle) might also have different range as well.

Q20: Do I need to use fresh water to wash the drone after flying in salty water?
A: yes, this is always recommended to do. Please DO wash the Motors, Gimbal, and payload release mechanism by pure water.

Q21: Why my drone starts flight like ” toilet bowl” effect?
A: The compass might be interfered, please execute the compass calibration again. Or check if the local environment has strong magnetic interference, and change another area to fly the drone.

Q22: What are the main facilities available with the smart ground station?
A: The smart ground station provides an easy & portable platform to control the Splash Drone by mobile phone. Many smart flight modes can be realized in the Swellpro APP, including Follow-me, mission planning (Drop waypoints), Point-To-Fly.

Q23: How does the payload release mechanism help me to complete some special tasks?
A: The payload release mechanism is triggered directly by radio controller, so you can delivery & drop sth. up to 1KG just by a simple flip on switch SWA. It’s wildly used in fishing, rescue, ocean research, coast guard & law enforcement, and etc.

Q24: What should I do when the battery is approaching to out of power?
A:  Splash Drone is default programmed with 2 levels of low battery alarm. If the 1st level 14.8V is activated, the indicator on the power distribution board will blink triple times continuously. Once the battery is approaching to the 2nd alarm, saying 14.4V, the indicator will flash quickly, and the 4 navigation LEDs under each arm will blink as well. Meanwhile, the radio controller will vibrate rashly and emit “beep-beep-…” sound to remind you of returning the drone. There remains 1~2mins to take over flight to bring it back. If the drone is still in the air, then it will descend slowly basing on the location where the 2nd alarm activated.

Q25: When the drone is out of radio range, what will happen?
A:  The Return-Home function will be activated once the drone is out of the effective radio range. When it flies back to visible distance, you can regain control on the drone by flip the SWB once to quit the Return-Home mode.

Q26: Is the Splash Drone available to set the moving boat as its home point to execute Return-Home function?
A: No. The Return-Home function in Splash Drone is basing on the GPS coordinate, it only records the GPS data of the taking-off location as the home point to execute return to home.

Q27: When the drone land on flat ground, why the motor won’t stop spinning immediately once the throttle is at 0% position?
A: Actually, It’s the consideration of safety issue. After the drone land smoothly and the throttle is at 0% position, it’s required to keep it at 0% for 5s until the motors stop spinning, and then the drone was locked automatically.

Q28: Is the Return-Home available when the drone is out of control suddenly?
A: No, it isn’t available. Because it’s the strong magnetic field interference that causes the lose control. It’s advised to switch the flight mode to ATTI to take over flight, and then manually bring the Splash Drone back to visual sight.

Q29: What are the factors leading to shorten the flight time?
A: 1. The battery is not fully charged; 2. Add on loading weight; 3. Battery is aging after long time usage.

Q30: Can I disassemble the Splash Drone for some modifications?
A: Any modification & disassembly on Splash Drone is strictly forbidden. Swellpro is exempt from any liability that caused by private modification & deliberate operations, especially the leakage issue & component burnt after disassembling the drone!